LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

LORO-X QUATTROFLUX set-back storey drainage

LORO-X Serie 43 Modell QUATTROFLUX Staffelgeschossentwässerung
LORO-X Series 43 modell QUATTROFLUX set-back storey drainage
LX1795 Staffelgeschossentwässerung
Bericht zur Staffelgeschossentwässerung
set-back store drainage

Variable set-back story drainage
Set-back storey drainage
with four flow routes in one system for main and emergency drainage from the roof as weil as main and emergency drainage from a roof terrace
Please adhere to the system structure according to specification sheet LX1795!

4 flow paths:

1. Main drainage of the roof
2. Emergency drainage of the roof into the open
3. Main drainage of the roof terrace
4. Emergency drainage of the roof terrace into the open

LORO-X Series 43, Main drainage-Emergency drainage-Combination QUATTROFLUX Double Pipe - Roof
DN 100/100
Roof penetration 103 mm 13207.100X
LORO-X Series 43 QUATTROFLUX roof terrace with strainer
DN 100
Drainage of the roof terrace (2 x DN 100)
Feed-through of the roof drainage (2 x DN 50)
LORO-X QUATTROFLUX roof collector box

DN 100
with internal pitot pipe for the separation of
main- and emergency drainage
LORO-X QUATTROFLUX roof terrace collector box

DN 100
with two flow routes into the downpipe
and flow routes into the open
LORO-X QUATTROFLUX roof terrace deflection

DN 100/50/50
from pipe-in-pipe downpipe(DN 100/50)
into double pipe (DN 50/50) under the paving slabs
LORO-X High performance safety over flow with Stand pipe

DN 100
1500 mm long, made of galvanized steel 55154.100X