LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Series 43 Scupper Direct

Model: without roof penetration
Model: without roof penetration
Model: with basin
Model: with basin and lowered pipe
Model: with basin and double-pipe
Model: with basin and double-pipe lowered pipe
Model: DUOFLUX pipes-in-pipes
Model: DUOFLUX double-pipe DN 100 without weir
Model: DUOFLUX double-pipe DN 100 Fill-a-Vent
Model: DUOFLUX double-pipe DN 70 with weir
Modell. QUATTROFLUX set-back storey drainage
Modell: DUOSTREAM cascade drainage
Modell: DUOSTREAM high performance cascade drainage

Series 43: LORO-X Attika-Direct

LORO-X Scupper roof drainage systems (series 43)

Scupper Direkt with silent gravity drainage

LORO scupper direct drainage with an adhesive flange for direct installation into the scupper upstand of the roof. The drains of this series can be used at your choice with a downpipe and rain standpipe as a complete system or also as a gargoyle model. 

In any event, they drain your building entirely on the outside, quietly, reliably and without a single line inside of the building. The multiple acceleration of the water patented by LORO in Scupper Direkt drains or the double-pipe principle allows standard roof drainage of as much as 4.5 l/s with reliable silent gravity drainage and a height of water level of 35 mm - both as a gargoyle and complete system.  

Even as a gargoyle without a downpipe, the flagships of this series patented by LORO provide 4.5 litres per second of drainage with gravity drainage that is called for by the standard for roof drains with one roof duct.


− space-saving with direct installation into the scupper upstand
− ideal for small to medium-sized areas
− silent gravity drainage for use in residential buildings


series 43
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