LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Series 88 LORO-X RAINSTAR without upstand

Main and emergency drainage Gravity flow
Main and emergency drainage Siphonic for
Main-Emergency-Combined Type: Gravity/Siphonic
Power hood Type: Emergency drainage/Gravity
Emergency drainage wit variable-height weir
Main-emergency combination retention roof drainage
DUOSTREAM cascade drainage

Series 88: LORO-X RAINSTAR-Distant


LORO-X scupper roof drainage systems (series 88)

LORO Rainstar® scupper  drainage systems with prefabricated upstand as a clamping and adhesive flange for bitumen and plastic sealing sheets in conformity with DIN EN 1253 for easy mounting in the attic feature high drainage performance of 3.7 l/s at 35 mm height of water level on the roof with a completely ventilated DN 100 downpipe. This system achieves 5.5 l/s in conformity with the roof drainage standard at 35 mm with a closed downpipe and silent power flow. This is made possible with the patented form of drainage with 2−phase water acceleration. It is only sealed on one level. The DRAINJET®/DRAINLET® modular principle makes it possible to easily adapt the system by replacing the hood or weir for emergency drainage if the basic drainage body is already installed.

LORO Rainstar® scupper-distant, no upward lip, DN 50, DN 70 and DN 100


Series 88
Outline Main emergency combination