LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Series 93 LORO-X ATTIKASTAR high performance

Type: Main drainage Siphonic flow 32 l/s at 55 mm
Type: Emergency drainage siphonic flow 32 l/s at 75 mm


LORO-X siphonic scupper drainage systems (series 93)

LORO Attikastar® siphonic scupper drainage systems with a large hood for major drainage performance at optimum quiet running with the patented double-pipe principle achieve as much as 32 l/s at a height of water level of 55 mm with silent power siphonic drainage. LORO’s double-pipe principle keeps modifications to the roof’s thermal insulation to a minimum. The suction effect begins reliably even if the quantity of water is low by combining the two DN 70 pipelines in one DN 100 downpipe in the Y−piece behind the scupper. The weir under the hood can be replaced in selectable modular heights ranging between 25-60 mm. The design of the large hood of Attikastar keeps noise and vibrations to a minimum so that the Attikastar can also show how insatiable it can be swallowing water even with noise protection specifications for maintaining safe pressure flow.


The LORO Attikastar® is designed for very high drainage rates even while running particularly quiet. Its next-generation double-pipe technology gives this system 32 l/s with the connected DN 100 downpipe and 55 mm height of water level on the roof. Its large hood calms the flow inside of the drain so that this high-performance scupper system can also be projected for residential buildings without restrictions.



• power siphonic drainage of as much as 32 l/s
• runs especially quiet with its large hood
• modular weir height of 25-60 mm
• minor modification in the thermal insulation with double-pipe patent
• fast start-up for siphonic drainage with the Y−piece


Series 93