LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Series 49 DRAINJET with siphonic drainage

LORO-X DRAINJET (for siphonic drainage)



siphonic drainage systems


with clamping flange for bitumen and

plastic sealing sheets


LORO−DRAINJET® siphonic drainage in conformity with DIN EN 1253.


These are flow-optimised roof drains with greater drainage performance, enhanced flow properties, low installation dimensions and better sound properties. These drains have higher drainage properties at an output of 16 l/s. Together with LORO DRAINJET® emergency drains (that DIN 1986−100 mandates for application with siphonic drainage systems), these drains form a complete roof drainage system meeting the highest demands in connection with a versatile range of pipes and fittings.


LORO DRAINJET® fast drains, DN 70,

are available in stainless steel, LORO DRAINJET® emergency drains, DN 100, in steel hot-dip galvanised making them UV−resistant.

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