LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

LORO-X fire protection solutions...

...for conducting LORO−X steel discharge pipes to be safe against fire.


Pipelines are projected and mounted to be safe against fire in conformity with the Sample Line System Guideline MLAR 03/2000 that has been introduced as building codes in all of the states of Germany as the Line System Guideline (LAR) without any significant departures.


Its area of application in terms of drainage lines concerns line systems in stairwells, in rooms between necessary stairwells and exits to the outside, in necessary corridors, in open hallways before exterior building walls and conducting lines through specific walls and ceilings in buildings. The Sample Building Ordinance 2002 distinguishes various classes of buildings and different requirements are made depending upon different kinds of buildings. The Sample Building Ordinance (Section 37, Paragraph 1) states that lines may only go through firewalls, through walls pursuant to Section 28, Paragraph 1, Sentence 2 and Paragraph 4, Sentence 2, stairwell walls, walls of rooms pursuant to Section 32, Paragraph 5, Sentence 2 and through partitions and ceilings that have to be fire-resistant if it is not possible to transmit fire and smoke or precautions are taken against this. There may be certain differing regulations for F30 countries.