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LORO-X Product finder: Rain Standpipes

LORO-X rain standpipes: They can really take it!

LORO-X rain standpipes

State-of-the-art façade architecture includes LORO−X rain standpipes and rain downpipes as construction elements. LORO−X rain standpipes and rain downpipes made of impact-resistant steel provide reliable protection against all kinds of vandalism or accidents. 

LORO−X rain standpipes, DN 70−150, steel, hot-dip galvanised or copper, round or square (100 x 100), with a cleaning opening. 


· impact-resistant, frost-proof, stable and non-flammable
· standpipe and cleaning pipe in one pieces
· compatible to painting
· DN 50−150
· 0.5-3 meters long (depending upon the rated width and material)
· easy to connect to zinc sheeting, PVC and LORO rain downpipes and various types of ground lines