LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Series 62 LORO-X DRAINJET Attika without penetration into the roof

Model: Standard hood Type: main drainage DN 50 + DN 70
Model: Standard hood Type: emergency drainage DN 50 + DN 70
Model: Power hood Type: main drainage DN 100
Model: Power hood Type: emergency drainage

Series 62: LORO-X DRAINJET-parapet Drainage without penetration into the roof

LORO-X Outline (PDF)

LORO X siphonic scupper roof drainage systems (series 62)

without roof penetration


LORO Drainjet siphonic scupper drainage systems without roof penetration are form-optimised to save space without modifying thermal insulation as per entered and registered patents and utility models.

That means that it is not necessary to have a recess in the roof construction or thermal insulation while the form of the system still allows high litre output of as much as 16 l/s with power-siphonic drainage. This system attains the epitome of exterior attic drainage as main and emergency drainage without even allowing a millimetre of rainwater to get into the building. Depending upon needs, this system with a DN 50 downpipe can be planned to be especially space-saving (even behind the façade) or with a particularly high performance DN 70 model. The fact that this system does not require any roof modification means that it is suitable for refurbishing existing buildings with thin thermal insulation or for buildings with the reverse-roof principle where drainage can be directly on the roof construction. Depending upon the roof sealing sheet, it is connected as an adhesive flange (bitumen) or clamping flange (45° bitumen, 90° plastic).


LORO siphonic drainage without roof penetration is the magic word if you are using particularly thin thermal insulation or for other reasons recesses are not planned on the roof for drains and pipelines. Don’t forget that these drains are optimum for refurbishment work and subsequent installation of emergency drains.



· no roof penetration
· protective rights entered and registered
· complete system with a form and performance certificate
· design in conformity with DIN 19599, EN 1253 and DIN 18195
· standard connection to roofing skin and vapour barrier
· roofing skin not penetrated
· no drainage pipes within the building
· rainwater drained directly outwards
· smaller line cross-sections on the exterior façade
· low roof load due to great drainage performance and fast rainwater drainage

Series 62
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