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Calculation for Main- and Emergencydrainage with gravity- or siphonicflow.
This LORO-X Online-Calculation for Flatroofdrainage calculates the necessary amount of Water (liters per second) corresponding to the DIN 1986-100 for Flatroofs.

*This calculation does not replace the professional conselling of the LORO-representatives!
No guarantee for this Online-Calculation by LORO !The calculation according to DIN 1986-100 returned the following amount of water that needs to be drained from the roof specified. Please make sure, that the local rainfall is right and that the construction of the roof makes it possible, that the amount of water can be supplied to the LORO-X Roof Drainage System. LORO does not give any garantee that this calculation is correct, please contact the LORO-X Infocenter if you have any questions.