LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

LORO-X Productfinder: flat roof drainage

LORO-X roof drainage (inner lying)


LORO-X DRAINLET with gravity flow

The LORO-X DRAINLET® flat roof drainge with gravity flow features space-saving dimensions with no "pot" in the roof surface and high drain rate thanks to the high-performance LORO-X cover. For refurbishment of conventional flat roof drains LORO offers a special refurbishment version.


− silent or silent−power gravity drainage
− high gravity drainage performance
− slight recess in thermal insulation
− as main and emergency drainage
− single piece or two pieces (roof with/without thermal insulation)
− with/without trace heating system 


LORO-X DRAINJET with siphonic flow

Large roof surfaces can be drained reliably and economically by high-performance systems with siphonic flow. The largest model in this series drains up to 100 litres per second. This corresponds to approx. 3000 m2 with only 1 drain! LORO offers a single-sourced complete service from planning and calculating to delivery to the construction site.


− silent−power siphonic drainage with high drainage performance
− as main and emergency drainage
− saves money with small rated widths
− fewer downpipes

Series O

LORO-X Series O with gravity flow and connection collar


− integrated with prefabricated connecting sleeve
− silent gravity drainage
− no loose flange on the drainage level
− good combination with hot bitumen
− flexible utilisation as ceiling duct or ventilation, etc.