LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

LORO balcony direct-drains, without a supporting edge, Serie GS

Area of application:

Balconies made of water-impermeable prefabricated concrete parts, without additional surface


LORO-Balcony direct drains , without supporting edge, Series GS
DN 50 DN 70 DN 100
Slab thickness
up to 350 mm
16115.050X 16115.070X 16115.100X



Strainer, made of stainless steel
DN 50 DN 70 DN 100
with pipe opening 16193.050X 16193.070X 16193.100X
for upper balconies 16191.050X 16191.070X 16191.100X
LORO-X holding fixture for strainer with strainer holes
DN 50 DN 70 DN 100
16195.050X 16195.070X 16195.100X
LORO-Balcony drain collar made of stainless steel, matertial-no 1.4301, material thickness 1 mm
DN 050 DN 070 DN 100
compatible to pipes 16800.050X 16800.070X 16800.100X
compatible to sockets 16801.050X 16801.070X 16801.100X