LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Box gutter

Space-saving with guaranteed performance:

Typically,  a box  gutter for  two  roof  surfaces can  be emptied at both  ends,  or at one  end  for  a single  roof surface. The box  gutter can  be located above a living room or other usable room, or may  protrude freely from the edge of the roof.

Depending on local  conditions, the pipe  system may pass  vertically downwards, or may  have  an offset.


Gravity flow  and  siphonic low


As a matter of principle, pressure flow  or gravity flow  can be employed with  the box  gutter. 

The design and  planning process will provide the dimensions for  the box  gutter.  When dimensioning the width of the gutter,  it must be remembered that there must be at least  around 20 mm of clear  space surrounding the outlet,  so that the water can  flow  around it.