LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme

Parapet downpipe behind the facade

Backflow-safe behind facade:

The downpipe of a parapet drainage is usually  in front  of the facade.

For visual  reasons, however, the downpipe is often positioned behind the facade,  although this is not permitted with  conventional downpipes.

Backflow-safe, break-proof and  pressure-resistant LORO-X  steel  discharge pipes come into their  own  here, as they  can  also  be used in interior areas.

Having the scupper downpipe behind the facade combines the advantages of interior and  exterior drainage:

no openings through the roof and no visible downpipe in front of the facade!

LORO-X  ready-made-parapet drainage systems with small  nominal widths are ideal  for  this case. (e.g. DN 50 or DN 70)